Our Story

It was 2012, the year that it was all supposed to end. Little did we know it was just the beginning. 3 brothers from the Westside of Brisbane on different grinds came together with a common goal, we wanted to be our own boss. Just like that, GWOP APPAREL was born. 

We decided to make our own clothing only for us boys to wear, however we gained some interest from our friends and family so we decided to share our vision with everyone. 

Following influencers through Hip-Hop and RnB to the NBA and NFL.

Designs inspired by the 80s n 90s arcade era to the modern day urban essentials. 

Join us, as we bring you our vision for the cloth, pieces of our past that will mark our legacy into the future. 

Thank You for supporting us during these uncertain times. We hope you are keeping safe and healthy. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, tag us in your GWOP merch and join the team.